"Ashley Empowers" Maternity Photoshoot!

"Ashley Empowers"

Maternity Photoshoot

I decided at the very LAST minute that I wanted to get some maternity shots taken & luckily I found Melissa of "Allison Images" in the knick of time. She is so amazing & I had so much fun shooting with her. Thank God for divine connections! She literally made my vision come to life and exceeded my expectations.

I am working on an exciting project that I will announce in the next few months that will feature her work & I wanted to give you all a sneak peek. As I am approaching the final days of my pregnancy I can genuinely say I have enjoyed this journey and the miraculous feeling of producing and carrying life. I will never take it for granted.  

If you are in the Dallas, TX she is one of my favorite photographers, who specializes in all facets of photography. Connect with her here:

Website: www.Allisonimages.net
Instagram: @Allison_Images_
Facebook: Melissa Ashby or Allison Images

Thank you for stopping by!
Hugs & Love,


P.S- My husband & I recently published our first book, "Before The Next Step" & it's available now! If you are singe, dating, engaged or simply thinking about marriage its a must read! Get your copy here: https://www.createspace.com/5925618


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“You’ve Always Had the Power My Dear”

“You’ve Always Had the Power My Dear”

This morning on my way to work I was reminded of the movie “Wizard of Oz” while having a conversation with my husband. He was telling me that one of his friends he played football with in college recently went blind. My husband began praying for God to restore his sight and give the doctors wisdom and as he was praying the Holy Spirit put on my heart the movie the “Wizard of Oz”. In this movie Dorothy was on a quest to get back to Kansas when she was taken through a series of events to help her get down the yellow brick road. After many trials and mishaps she finally reaches Glinda at the end of her journey, Glinda kindly told her,.. “You have always had the power to get back to Kansas. All Dorothy had to do was click her red sparkly heels (that were already in her possession) and she would be on her back home.

I believe the Holy Spirit put this scene on my heart because in the word of God, Jesus teaches us that as believers we have the power to heal the blind, raise people from the dead and do many other miracles.

But why is it that instead of walking in our authority we give our power away?

 Matter of fact in John 14:12 Jesus says, “ Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Isn’t this amazing?

The issue is that we wait for confirmation, we doubt our own power, we depend on medical professionals or cease putting action behind our faith. God has given us the power, and authority...all we have to do is walk in it.

Whatever situation you are in…believe deeper, and allow your actions to reflect your trust in God. Allow your mustard seed to grow.

I hope this message inspired you in some way...

“You have always had the power my dear.”


Sending you hugs & love,

Ashley Empowers 

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Faith Or Lack of Knowledge?

Faith or Lack of Knowledge?

Lately I have been burdened by the level of financial stress amongst Christians in America. I'm specifically addressing America because this is the land of “opportunity”, “land of scholarship”, “government assistance” and various available resources to those who simply apply themselves. People in other countries do not have the vast opportunities we have. I have traveled to many different countries & continents where I have witnessed circumstances where the struggle is really real. There are many people in other countries who would do anything to come to the United States, just to attend school but unfortunately due to their residence or monetary restrictions they will never be able to.

What troubles me is people who don't take advantage of opportunity when it’s knocking at the door. There is a lack of initiative and a sense of complacency when it comes to many people I have talked too lately.
The ambition & effort to change simply isn’t there.
I don’t judge them, but I have to admit...I would like to understand. After thorough analyzation of this it all boils down to lack of knowledge. Some people say they are trusting in God when the truth is they just don't know what to do, so they continue to stay in a state of ignorance, instead of progressively educating themselves on how to overcome the things that keep them in bondage.

Finances have been on my heart HEAVY lately so I will give an example...I understand that someone who has grown up in a family who poorly manages their finances, can be uneducated on how to prevent the same patterns from happening in their life. Trust me, I can relate. My question is... 

What does it take to get someone's attention to show them that the thing that ails them is a thing they can control?

Meaning, after your car gets repossessed, you deplete your savings and fail to live within your means, when will you feel inspired to educate yourself on preventing the same situation from happening again in the future? It’s okay to fail but at some point you have to take control of your life and be proactive rather than reactive. You have to open your eyes to the abundant resources around you. Get mentors, create a budget, research creative ways to acquire additional income. Its time to start aiming high and get out of your financial, spiritual & physical rut. You have no excuses living in America or any developed country.

One of the greatest powers we have is the power to change. The power to make different choices, the power to get a free library card and educate yourself.

If you are struggling in this area or have been stuck in a perpetual financial bind year after year, feel free to email me (info@ashleyempowers.com regarding my private mentorship program that I created to help people get on track financially, spiritually, physical and mentally.


To your success,

Ashley “Empowers” Brown

 “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22

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Our new book, "Before The Next Step" is NOW AVAILABLE!

"Before The Next Step"

Questions Before "I Do"

Words can't express how excited we are announce that our book, "Before The Next Step" is now available! "Before the Next Step" is a tool for getting to know your potential spouse on a deeper level...before saying "I do". You will find questions on marriage, integrity, intimacy, spiritual beliefs and even topics many couples bypass in fear of vulnerability. The questions in this book are essential for all couples contemplating marriage. When Carrington & I were dating we would stay up for HOURS discussing God, our goals, dreams, future & the purpose of our relationship etc. I truly believe our transparency prepared us for an amazing marriage. Many of the questions we discussed are featured in this book & we feel honored to share them with you. Enjoy! 

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Sending you my hugs & love,

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"Dating With Purpose" Apparel OFFICALLY LAUNCHED!

I am BEYOND EXCITED to officially announce the launch of “Dating With Purpose” Apparel! A few years ago I had a desire to start a t-shirt line, but I couldn’t come up with anything that was unique & purposeful. Fast forward to a few years later, God put on my heart “Dating With Purpose”, not just for those who are in the dating phase, but for singles & happily married couples as well. This clothing line celebrates relationships in each stage, never forgetting that the best relationship one will have is the one they have with God. Fashion is a personal hobby, but my heart’s desire is to give back & I am happy to share that 10% of proceeds from each purchase go to support Young Life. A non-profit organization whose mission is to grow adolescents in their faith. Happy shopping. 💕: SHOP HERE---> STORE.

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Sending you my hugs & love,


Awesome Updates:

1.)  Have you seen my new hit series “8:02 GAMETIME” on YouTube. I have a very special guest who has joined me these past few weeks. You can catch up on the episodes here…http://www.YouTube.com/AshleyEmpowers.

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“Why Am l so Happy?”

Why Am I So Happy?

  Dating With Purpose Apparel- Coming August 2015

Dating With Purpose Apparel- Coming August 2015

I have to admit…I’m a optimist. I am generally disciplined, and could very well be annoying to an unenthusiastic person.  But honestly, its simple…I am happy because I choose to be.

Just like everyone in this life, we all come to a place where we hit brick walls, feel defeated, insecure, or get down. I can confidently say that these spurts do not last long for me.  There is nothing special about me, nor do I have any superpowers but I do have some tools that I will share that keep me in a state of gratitude and contentment.

Disclaimer: I have not always been “Positive Patty”. I faced many insecurities growing up and some still pop up to this day. I actively renew my mind, pray, speak life and push through my emotions to live in the peace of God. Having a relationship with him completely changed the way I think…its crazy.

5     Power Tools:

1.)  I’m Grateful. We think when we hit a certain milestone, we will find happiness. It’s not true. The truth is that we always end up moving that milestone and the key to happiness is to be grateful right now for everything you have. I personally confess out loud what I am grateful for and constantly remind myself of what God has done in my heart & life. Gratitude has the ability to immediately shift your entire outlook on life.  All you have to do is think of something -- one single thing -- that you are grateful for. Then hold it in your mind until it travels to your heart and you feel that shift. The best thing about this is... you can do it right now & constantly do it through out your day.

2.)  I have a killer morning routine. This is a huge one. There is a certain time I wake up, and a list of things I do every morning to start my day off right. When I don’t wake up early or handle my morning “must-do” list, I feel bad. I get grouchy, I feel off balanced and disappointed in myself. I have seen tremendous progress with my goals when I stick to my morning routine. What is your morning routine? Don’t wake up and check Instagram or emails, develop a routine that empowers you & gets you excited to start the day. If you want to know more about my routine, comment below and I will make a blog/ or video about it.

3.)  I fully love & accept myself. I have learned to give myself unconditional love and to accept & support myself, no matter what I’ve done. I’m not perfect, but I forgive myself when I mess up. Its okay to stop being so critical of yourself & relax and love. You cannot give unconditional love & acceptance to other people, if you haven’t started with yourself.  Practice forgiving yourself, and learn to see yourself differently.

4.)   I accept God’s peace. The peace of God really means you trust him. Although the storms, winds & rain may come you can look out the window “knowing” that your house isn't going anywhere. Your security is in Christ. You have complete and total trust that once the storm passes, your house will still be standing firm.

5.)  I renew my mind. This is my most powerful tool. I have to keep my spiritual foundation strong. When I am spiritually connected, I feel like a glass that is full of water. When I go days without spending time with God I feel empty and dehydrated which ultimately leads to exhaustion. How I get back on track is simply spending time with him & plugging myself back into my spiritual outlet. My husband  & I did a video about this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRR4NwWpz3A


6.)  I realize I have power to change. Sometimes we need this obvious reminder. You are not a rock, you are person. You have permission to change, permission to be happy, permission to be grateful. Make choices that are aligned with where you want to be and do not allow this life to bully you.

Tip for the week:  Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff. We are only on the earth briefly. Be inspired, love & take care of yourself.

 Live Happy :-)

Sending you my hugs & love,


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Scriptures to Reference: Romans 8:28, Philipians 4:4 (regarding today’s blog)

You Have Not, Because You Ask Not

 What do you need that you aren’t asking for?

I haven’t blogged in a while, and the reason is simple. I only write when I have something to say. Lately I have been so busy that I have had to apologize to God for my lack of obedience in sharing the messages and lessons he has given to me, but I am striving to do better. Nevertheless, today topic is a must share.


The other day I heard a quote that literally hasn’t left my spirit since I first heard it. I am seeing the truth to the statement more vividly each day in my life, and in the life of those around me. The quote said…

“You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are”.

This is a powerful statement because it shows you that you have to BE what you are asking for. If you want to lead a woman’s ministry, you have to BE the person that is capable of leading a group of women. If you want to get married you have to prepare to BE a wife. You can't sit around hoping and wishing for these things you must be the person now and ask God for them. One of my favorite speakers once said that if you want more you have to become more, and if you haven’t gotten much, perhaps its because you haven’t become much. Ouch! It’s a harsh but profound truth.

Who are you being? Is it aligned with who you wish to be? Or what you hope to accomplish?

Recently I have been observing a friend of mine who is literally kicking butt and taking names. From getting a new promotion, to expanding her work responsibilities, and receiving grandiose perks that the average employee is too hesitant (or doesn’t feel worthy enough) to ask for. I see her walking in her greatness, and I have been taking notes. There are 2 things that I noticed about this wonder woman:

  1. She “Asks” for what she wants and in turn she is enjoying the fruit of her request, although she may not have reaped these benefits immediately, she was patient and didn’t high jack the process.


  2. She has “BEEN” living and walking in her greatness long before she got the promotion or received all the other bonuses. She carried herself with confidence and was laser focused on accomplishing her goals.  It’s funny, because now I see how her position has caught up to who she has been all along.

This is amazing to me. God gave us the ability to take advantage of personal development by listening to holy spirit and seeking him for wisdom on this journey. (Matthew 6:33)  We are not far from greatness, we just have to move from “trying” to “being”.

The other day I posted on my Facebook page the following post and I think it’s a good way to wrap up this blog.

 “Believe in yourself so strongly, that the world can’t help but to believe in you too. The issue is not whats holding you back, the issue is you don't see the greatness within you. Why is it so easy to believe that God made the stars, heavens and the moon, but you can't believe you were made perfect in his image?” -Ashley Empowers

So my question for you is , what you NOT asking for? Who are you being? If its not aligned with God’s awesome mind blowing plan, pause and get yourself back on track. And if you are on your journey and you are not where you want to be in the process, keep walking, breathing and living as if you are already there. Be blessed.

“When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” - James 4:3

(Everything for HIS Glory)

Live (BE) in your greatness,


P.S- If you want more, you have to become more. If you don’t ask the answer is always no.

 Click to WATCH our latest episode of "8:02 GAMETIME".

Click to WATCH our latest episode of "8:02 GAMETIME".

P.S- If you want more, you have to become more. If you don’t ask the answer is always no.

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  2. Oh! Have you seen my new hit series “8:02 GAMETIME” on YouTube. I have a very special guest who has joined me these past few weeks. You can catch up on the episodes here…http://www.YouTube.com/AshleyEmpowers.

  3. My Husband & I are speaking July 24, 2015 in Dallas, TX, check my calendar for details!




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TOP: Size Med SKIRT: Size: Fits Med/Large



Sending you my hugs & love!


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