My Testimony, Flaws and All

My Testimony, Flaws and All

Loneliness is Gods way of calling you back to him. The other night I was feeling down so I decided to have quiet time and pour out to God.  I asked him to renew my mind, reform my heart, and just flat out rescue me from my bad day. I asked him to remove anything in my heart that didn't resemble his. I felt overwhelmed by all the work that needed to be done in my heart, I felt like it would take a lifetime to work out all my issues. Instead of giving me instant peace, God reminded me where he brought me from. He gave me flashbacks of how I was living and showed me that I already have been given a new heart and that I need to tell my emotions to fall back, because they were distracting me from what God has already done. Sometimes you just have to sit and reflect & remember that God has a flawless track record.

Two years ago I was a mess, totally heart broken, lost, empty and lonely. Just got out of a toxic relationship, moved to a different city, started a new job that I hated and slept on the floor of my sorority sisters apartment because I had nowhere to live for 3 months. It was one of the hardest times in my life & most valuable. At that place I truly learned to trust God. I learned that in order for me to be restored I had to give my heart to him & put more effort into our relationship than  trying to get a man. God was so gentle and patient with me. He saved me from my mediocre way of thinking and gave me a new heart, it literally brings me to tears. If you are stuck, empty, heartbroken, Jesus, not even in a fancy way. Just simply talk to him & give him the "real". He will heal your heart in every area. God wants to give you not only what you think you want, but he wants to blow your mind with his very best.

In my journey for God's own heart, I had no idea where to start or how to begin. I went to church for years but never knew him intimately. I started  by reading daily scriptures but didn’t quite understand them. I talked to him but didn’t know if he was really listening. So God sent people in my life who truly lived for him that were fun, outgoing and

relatable. He showed me his glory through people that he had already done a work in. It was so refreshing to hear from people that I could truly connect with. I didn't want to hear from perfect people, I wanted to hear from people I could relate to.  So I could see that Jesus isn't just close to those who have it all together.

I always knew that I wanted to be a woman of purpose,  and I am grateful that I am becoming her. God gave me a new career that I LOVE, a successful business, graduate degree (4 classes left), God fearing friends,purpose, the desire to inspire others and an amazing boyfriend who pushes me even closer to him. I am forever grateful. I see his glory. My faith is and continues to be made stronger. I have the confidence to say He is mine & I am his.

Flaws and All,

Ashley Ofuokwu


#BeEncouraged #BeFree #TrustHim

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