God do you hear me? I HATE my job!

God do you hear me? I HATE my job!

“Many of you are choosing to remain where you are because you’re used to it and not realizing you’re putting yourself in bondage. You’re chaining yourself in depression, in fear, in hopelessness, in frustration because you’re refusing to step out of your boat and trust God’s plan for your life.”

(Quoted from my personal journal entry, 2013)

Have you ever heard the phrase, you aren’t waiting on God, God is waiting on you? One thing that traps and enslaves people is fear. When I was transitioning from a job I strongly disliked, I sought validation from people before getting the courage to put in my 2-week notice. I asked many people how satisfied they were with their job because I was too afraid to trust my own intuition and quit on the strength that I was miserable. I needed to hear from someone who had been in a stressful position and decided to step out on faith. But guess what, the majority of people I confided in were just like me…scared to step out of the boat. If you are waiting for that feeling of fear to go away before taking action, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.  I learned that everything that we are looking for is outside of our comfort zone and that there are two kinds of people in this world:

1.)People of “Faith”

2.) People of “Fear”

The responses from people from the House of Fear trapped me in dread and apprehension. I learned that so many people are unhappy in their workplace, and know deep down what they are passionate about but aren’t taking any steps to make it reality. At 24 (at the time), I understood God will put you in positions to grow and develop you but I desperately didn’t want to be one of those 40’ somethings that live a routine life, trapped in a job just for a decent pay check. I wanted more. I wanted passion & purpose, so I quit with no job lined up, little savings, credit card debt, but a lot faith and confirmation that I was doing the right thing.

I began to compare jobs to marriage and dating.

Why force yourself to stay in a relationship that drains you and leaves you empty...why marry them? For security? No…you keep looking and you don’t have to settle for the first one that comes your way. Through this entire season I realized something major. That the fulfillment many are looking for in careers, relationships and status cannot be found in man.

Only God can fill that void and make you whole and complete. Running around frantically searching for your value in a job will only leave you drained, tired and discouraged. Your hope should be in God alone & you have to seek him first to determine what his purpose is for you at the job you are tired of. What gifts did he give you that will bring your co-workers joy and closer to him? You are the salt and the light.

Take your eyes off you & focus on God. Once you are in tune with your purpose and Gods will, you can be flipping burgers and have complete peace because you know you are in his will.

If you have been feeling a tugging in your heart that your position is not the right fit, God may be directing you to do something different. That tug is usually purpose in your belly kicking you, telling you “I’m too small to be in here”. Pray for wisdom and discernment to act accordingly to his will.

Your life is so unique. You get to experience God in a whole different light when you operate in the House of Faith. Follow your heart and always seek God first. Stay in tune with him. The Holy Spirit is a gift given to you to direct and help you. The only way to truly hear God’s voice is to be in relationship with him and spend time with him daily. I encourage you to operate in the fullness of what God has given you.

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Ways to spend time with him daily:

Start with prayer, worship, journal, talk, trust, read the bible. He’s always with you. He won’t fail you.

Flaws and All,

Ashley Ofuokwu

Instagram: AshleyEmpowers

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