Stop Trippin & Start Trusting

Stop Trippin & Start Trusting

You will never experience the fullness of what God can do in your life if you don’t trust him. If you don’t leave something’s strictly up to him you won’t be able to TRULY see how big of a God he is. In order for you really to experience miracles in your life you have to give up your will & allow God to be God, no matter how bad or hopeless your situation looks. He longs to show people his victory through situations that look impossible. You will be amazed what a little faith and submission to his will, will produce. You have to stop obsessing with trying to figure out how to do this or that and rest. Follow the instructions God has given you and fall back. Let him take it from here, and commit to not allow worry or doubt fill your mind. Your efforts will only take you so far and then there is God. When we try to be our own savior, we don’t leave room for the greatness of God. Every time you surrender an area to God you will grow in your faith because you will look back & say "Oh snap God, you really had this under control all along" and then you begin to learn how to confidently rest in him. Trusting will always defeat worry, which in turn will produce a peace that surpasses your understanding. Join me in being free from worry & compulsive control. Let’s take a front row seat and energetically watch how God performs when we relinquish our will for his. Trust, Trust, Trust! It doesn’t matter how bad you feel or how bad the situation looks, God gives he toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, and will use you to show his glory in a magnificent way. I truly understand that this is easier said than done, but to be 100% faithful to God you must totally be dependent on him. How would you spend the rest of your life if you knew that every situation has already been worked out in your favor. You wouldn’t trip...actually you would feel free to enjoy this crazy life.

Trust God in every season…You must not rely on anything else; then you will be able to say "That was nobody BUT God".

Please comment on how you have experienced God's glory in a massive way. I’m excited to hear how he is working in your life & if you don’t have anything to share please comment below with an area that you can do better with trusting him & I’d be more than happy to pray with you.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22

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