Getting Naked | Shamelessly

Getting Naked | Shamelessly

Don't be afraid to share your story just because it's not perfect. Nobodies journey is. We all have things we wish we could erase and mistakes that we knew better not to make. It's okay! God can still use you. I guarantee that some part of your story will inspire someone. Don't be afraid and realize your journey is significant to someone else.

Guess what...we all sin & we all need a savior. Just because someone doesn't sin how they "used to" doesn't mean they are perfect now. No one is without sin and God is still working on us all. Jesus died on the cross already knowing we would continue to sin, knowing that we need his blood, knowing that there is nothing we can do to be perfect. What he wants is us to have a repentant heart and do better when we know better. This is not a blog giving you permission to sin, it's meant to help you if you are faced with guilt or shame. Don't beat yourself up. If you are going in circles with the same sin, see what really is causing you to stumble and if you have prayed about it before, ask yourself "Do I really want to get well?".

If you are reading this thinking you have it all together & there is nothing that you have been doing wrong, ask God to humble you and show you the areas that need work, because we all are growing.

I'm not perfect and being Christian doesn't mean you pass every test. It means you have the tools (God's word, i.e- The Bible) to pass those test and a savior that is bigger than any battle, sin or temptation you may face. Keep it real and allow your deliverance to inspire someone else. Speak your truth, Transparency saves lives.

Flaws & All,

Ashley (Future "Brown")

(Yes I'm engaged!! Blog coming soon!)

1 minute after he proposed 3/28/2014.