Judgement Vs. Dicernment

"Judgement Vs. Dicernment"

Understand that when you grow in your relationship with Christ you will most likely not be surrounded by believers all the time, nor should you be. God may take you to places that are desolate where noone knows him, just so you can be his light in a dark place. One of the most important lessons believers must learn is how to be in an environment but not become of the environment. This has been a struggle for me because as I am growing in my relationship with Christ, God has given me a keen sense of discernment that allows me to see people’s issues and areas where they really need God. This ability has been a burden and a blessing for me. A burden because at first I thought I was being judgmental but then God showed me he was making me sensitive to these things because he needs me to pray on their behalf.  It is so interesting how God places people in environments strategically to act as his prayer warriors. Sometimes I will be in a group of people, and praying in my mind while holding conversations because God put someone on my heart that needs prayer.

When I was a little girl I remember being in the midst of all kinds people and being extremely comfortable. I could be around people who lacked ambition, poor, sick, on drugs… and not be fault-finding. I wanted to get back to this place. I have noticed that sometimes when you learn Gods truth, it’s easy to identify people who are not living in his truth and it can make you feel as if you are being judgmental. Your heart will start to break for what breaks Gods heart. Seeing people who don't want better for themselves or comfortable living a mediocre lifestyle, when God promises so much more for our lives, can be sad to witness.

The point of this blog is to share one of the most powerful lessons I have learned while being in the midst of people who may not have the same mindset or aspirations in life.

Lesson: You love them.

I know you are thinking, “Duh, Ashley…” but let me tell you how I am learning to truly walk in love and be patient with people who frustrate the mess out of me or help someone who I may not think is deserving or serve when I’m tired. This is what I do… I pray in the morning and ask God to help me look at every single person I come in contact with as if I’m speaking to Jesus himself. Can you imagine how your perspective changes when you treat everyone you encounter, as if you are TALKING TO JESUS! OMG! Your entire countenance changes, your level of interest changes, your tone, behavior and attitude changes.

I wanted to share this with you because it has helped me tremendously. Try it today, if your boss or spouse frustrates you, try acting like you are talking to Jesus. I promise you will be more respectful and loving. Now…this is hard work, but truthfully this is not just some random exercise, we are all made in his image.

As I mentioned, the first thing I do is “pray” for the strength to do this, and then I do it. Let me warn you…you will encounter people who regardless of how you treat them, will still treat you anyway they want. But guess what…they haven’t learned this lesson yet so grace them, be patient and pray that God puts it on their heart to walk in love. Although it can get hard, it is important to be kind to unkind people, because truth is…they are the ones that need it the most.

I hope this blog blesses you and changes your perspective on how to go forth treating people. You can read as many scriptures as you want but if you can’t master the greatest commandment…LOVE, you are not living in the fullness of who God is calling you to be. You can’t acquire a loving heart by simply reading books or listening to sermons any more than you can become a great swimmer just by reading a book on swimming. You have to get in the trenches and do those things. Real growth comes from practice. Walk in peace, be quick to forgive, quick to love, pray for your enemies

The Greatest Commandment:

Matthew 22:36-40

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”  Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself."

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