“Why Am l so Happy?”

Why Am I So Happy?

  Dating With Purpose Apparel- Coming August 2015

Dating With Purpose Apparel- Coming August 2015

I have to admit…I’m a optimist. I am generally disciplined, and could very well be annoying to an unenthusiastic person.  But honestly, its simple…I am happy because I choose to be.

Just like everyone in this life, we all come to a place where we hit brick walls, feel defeated, insecure, or get down. I can confidently say that these spurts do not last long for me.  There is nothing special about me, nor do I have any superpowers but I do have some tools that I will share that keep me in a state of gratitude and contentment.

Disclaimer: I have not always been “Positive Patty”. I faced many insecurities growing up and some still pop up to this day. I actively renew my mind, pray, speak life and push through my emotions to live in the peace of God. Having a relationship with him completely changed the way I think…its crazy.

5     Power Tools:

1.)  I’m Grateful. We think when we hit a certain milestone, we will find happiness. It’s not true. The truth is that we always end up moving that milestone and the key to happiness is to be grateful right now for everything you have. I personally confess out loud what I am grateful for and constantly remind myself of what God has done in my heart & life. Gratitude has the ability to immediately shift your entire outlook on life.  All you have to do is think of something -- one single thing -- that you are grateful for. Then hold it in your mind until it travels to your heart and you feel that shift. The best thing about this is... you can do it right now & constantly do it through out your day.

2.)  I have a killer morning routine. This is a huge one. There is a certain time I wake up, and a list of things I do every morning to start my day off right. When I don’t wake up early or handle my morning “must-do” list, I feel bad. I get grouchy, I feel off balanced and disappointed in myself. I have seen tremendous progress with my goals when I stick to my morning routine. What is your morning routine? Don’t wake up and check Instagram or emails, develop a routine that empowers you & gets you excited to start the day. If you want to know more about my routine, comment below and I will make a blog/ or video about it.

3.)  I fully love & accept myself. I have learned to give myself unconditional love and to accept & support myself, no matter what I’ve done. I’m not perfect, but I forgive myself when I mess up. Its okay to stop being so critical of yourself & relax and love. You cannot give unconditional love & acceptance to other people, if you haven’t started with yourself.  Practice forgiving yourself, and learn to see yourself differently.

4.)   I accept God’s peace. The peace of God really means you trust him. Although the storms, winds & rain may come you can look out the window “knowing” that your house isn't going anywhere. Your security is in Christ. You have complete and total trust that once the storm passes, your house will still be standing firm.

5.)  I renew my mind. This is my most powerful tool. I have to keep my spiritual foundation strong. When I am spiritually connected, I feel like a glass that is full of water. When I go days without spending time with God I feel empty and dehydrated which ultimately leads to exhaustion. How I get back on track is simply spending time with him & plugging myself back into my spiritual outlet. My husband  & I did a video about this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRR4NwWpz3A


6.)  I realize I have power to change. Sometimes we need this obvious reminder. You are not a rock, you are person. You have permission to change, permission to be happy, permission to be grateful. Make choices that are aligned with where you want to be and do not allow this life to bully you.

Tip for the week:  Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff. We are only on the earth briefly. Be inspired, love & take care of yourself.

 Live Happy :-)

Sending you my hugs & love,


Awesome Updates:

1.)  Have you seen my new hit series “8:02 GAMETIME” on YouTube. I have a very special guest who has joined me these past few weeks. You can catch up on the episodes here…http://www.YouTube.com/AshleyEmpowers.

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Scriptures to Reference: Romans 8:28, Philipians 4:4 (regarding today’s blog)