5 Tips for being "Single, Saved & Secure"

5 Tips for being "Single, Saved & Secure"

Hey Y'all! Many of you know one of my passions is to showcase couples and singles that are pursuing healthy purposeful relationships!

In my experience I have interviewed many couples and singles who are thriving in their relationships & lives because they keep God first no matter what season they are in. I recently shared 5 tips on being Single, Saved & Secure in my hosting class, and I thought it would be great to share them on the blog as well! Just in case you haven't watched an episode of "Single, Saved & Secure", let me break down what I mean by this:

·         Single: (Unmarried)

·         Saved: As in pursuing a genuine relationship with Christ.

·         & Secure: Meaning (not waiting for your relationship status to change but completely enjoying your single season!)

Many people think being single is a waiting room for marriage and that they need a significant other to be happy but that is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Singleness is a time for preparation, to become whole, and to develop a rhythm for living your purpose.

5 tips I would like you to consider being “Single, Saved & Secure” are:

1.)   #Tip 1 Understand that singleness is not a curse, and being in relationship is not always a blessing:

Sometimes it's better to enjoy the freedom of being single, so you can allow time to work on yourself & learn who YOU are. Getting some hobbies allows you to take your dependence on being in a relationship down a few notches.

2.)    Tip #2 Be Thirsty for Jesus, Not for your mate:

I once heard a quote that said, "instead of searching for the right mate, become the right mate", and I truly believe you “become” the right mate by first developing a relationship with God and allowing him to mold you into that person.

3.)     Tip #3 Fully Loving Yourself:

Self-love is knowing your value, independent of what anyone may think of you. Lack of confidence has the ability to contaminate many areas of your life. It’s important to carry yourself with love, knowing that you deserve the best God has for you. When you are loving yourself on every level, you are already acting like a match for your perfect mate.

4.)    Tip #4 You don’t have to have sex to be sexy:

Believe it or not purity is highly respected and attractive, and you can still have a fun social life without giving all your goodies away. #NoWedNoBed

5.)    Tip #5 Know your Worth:

No Love can exist in our lives until we BELIEVE ourselves we are worthy of it. Many times we think we are waiting on God to fulfill an area of our lives, but in reality, God is waiting for you to recognize your worthiness. YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, simply because you are living & breathing. Love is all around, and when you remove the blocks of unworthiness and accept the fact that you deserve it, it will show up in miraculous ways. 

I hope these were helpful! Be sure to subscribe because I have some amazing things coming up that I can't wait to share with you all! :-) 

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