Covenant Coaching Members Club

What is the Covenant Coaching Members Club?

Covenant Coaching is the world's #1 women's empowerment group for smart, savvy women who are developing the vision, confidence and mindset to thrive in their relationships & life!


Ashley T. Brown, CEO & Founder

"Relationship Empowerment from the Inside Out..."

At the core of Covenant Coaching our commitment is to serve you consistently with the unyielding goal of showing you how important it is to choose your relationships wisely, walk in confidence and take responsibility for your overall wellness.  We are here to guide, inspire, motivate, and ELEVATE you to take action towards living at your highest potential! Whether you are:

  • Desiring to be fully prepared to be in a healthy relationship & epic marriage
  • Wanting to elevate your confidence and take your life to the next level
  • Get on track with your finances & walk confidently in your purpose
  • Develop an intimate relationship with God
  • Or need someone who can answer your questions, and give you feedback & guidance, this membership is for you.

In this program Ashley shares some of her most powerful tools and lessons she has learned to transform her life & relationship status. Every month she comes with fresh, new empowering content with applicable tips to begin implementing immediately in your life.  Through her elevating webinars & monthly LIVE Q&A's Ashley provides step by step actionable advice on how to transform your overall well being. Her mess has turned into her message, and her hope is that you find Covenant Coaching incredibly helpful as you embark on your journey. 

"Everything stems from relationships. Your relationship with yourself, your relationship with God and your relationship with other people. Covenant Coaching grows you in all three areas." 



 Join hundreds of amazing women worldwide who are thriving in their relationships & life! 

A few courses we have to benefit you:

*Road to the Ring

*Wounds to Wisdom (Healing from Past Hurt)

*The Confidence Classroom (Become the most confident woman in the room)

*Claim Your Confidence & Own Your Worth


*Get Bae the Right Way

*Fueling Your Temple (Health & Beauty Tips) 

& so much more!!!

Covenant Coaching's curriculum equips you with the tools to prepare you for an amazing marriage, as well as content to empower you in your relationships, walk with Christ & personal development.

I created this program to help women avoid many of the pitfalls people experience in relationships and be fully prepared to not only have a healthy relationship but to live an empowered & elevated lifestyle.

Cheers to finally having a community of people who can relate to your desires, provide support when you need it the most, and celebrate your wins! Make the decision today to take the first step to getting where you truly desire to be in your life.

See you on the inside!

Hugs & Love,


What do I get access to when I join?

When you join you will get access to the Member’s Only area that includes all of the content for this current month, and any past months, private membership area, access to webinars with Ashley, LIVE Q&A's with Ashley & Carrington, membership forum and an abudant amount of resources.

Who is Covenant Coaching for?


When are the LIVE Q&A Sessions?

Each Live Q&A is on the last Tuesday of every month via Facebook Live where you can tune in and ask all your questions. If you have a lengthy question submit it through the private forum where questions will be answered directly or covered during an online session. You must have Facebook to be on the Live Q&A, if you do not you will be able to ask you question through the private forum and catch the replay in the membership area.

How easy is it to cancel?

Very easy. You can cancel your membership at anytime with the click of a button, or by simply emailing support.

Are refunds provided on digital products?

No. Once a member has access to print or download products, they have lifetime access as a member and refunds will not be granted.

Why is Covenant Coaching a membership program?

Because, transformation is an ongoing process. It’s something that Ashley takes very seriously. Ashley was getting many requests for personal coaching, and people wanted to know what she was studying and practicing so they could learn alongside her—so she combined the two and created Covenant Coaching. Yes, it’s easy to get charged up and inspired by great content online—but it’s all just THEORY until we put it into ACTION. Deep learning and LIVING the work only comes when you CONSISTENTLY take yourself on and make it a HABIT. This state of BEING and LIVING the work is what Covenant Coaching is all about.

Can I sign up at anytime?

Registration for Covenant Coaching is currently closed. To join the wait list please click [HERE]

Once access has been established, how long are courses available? Will participants be able to go back and access a course again?

You will have unlimited access to all of the courses for as long as you maintain your membership.

What is the investment to become a Covenant Coaching Member?

Covenant Coaching is a monthly membership, please reference the above plans to determine which one will best suit your needs.