"MAN-ifest Your Godly Man" Bootcamp


"MAN-ifest Your Godly Man" Bootcamp

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If you are ready to meet the "one", then the "MAN-ifest Your Godly Man" Bootcamp is for you! In this bootcamp Ashley shares all her secrets on how to "MAN-ifest Your Godly Man", along with life changing information that will transform your love life. You will not have to pursue, high quality men will approach you!

This is a digital self-paced 6 week course that allows you to complete assignments and lectures at your own convenience. The course includes:

6 Week Boot Camp + MAN-ifesting Your Godly Man Workbook:

Module 1: Fierce Confidence

Learn how be the most confident woman in the room, how to carry yourself with confidence & learn how your words and thoughts effect your confidence.

Module 2: Your Emotional Energy + Feminine Communication

How to communicate with men in a feminine way that makes them want to pursue you & keys to being a vibrant magnetic feminine woman.

Module 3: Pretty Packaging

This module focuses on your physical appeareance as well as your physical environment and what to do externally to increase your attraction factor.

Module 4: Kingdom Standards

In this module you will learn how to hear God's voice in your relationships and the standards you should have to identify your high quality man.

Module 5: Spirit of Expectancy

In this module you will learn the MINDSET you must have to attract a great man.

Module 6: Preparing to be Found

This module breaks down Ashley's 2 final ingredients to "MAN-ifest Your Godly Man" as well as how to intentionally prepare to be found.

BONUS: Flirting Gracefully

5 ways to be more approachable + the EXACT things to do to flirt gracefully in a feminine way.

+ Dating Tips & so much more!

*This course is digital & available instantly worldwide, you will be sent an email with the link to access the course immediately.

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