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If you are a NEW MEMBER, You are in the Right Place.

Welcome! I am so excited that you are here. My hope is that you are inspired & empowered by the content in this program. If your goal is to be in a healthy relationship and live at your highest potential. You are in the right place

At the core of Covenant Coaching our commitment is to serve you consistently with the unyielding goal of showing you how important it is to choose your relationships wisely and take responsibility for your overall wellness. We are here to guide, inspire, motivate, and drive you to take action. Whether you have a question, in need of feedback, guidance, a celebration partner, or someone to vent out your frustrations to when things seem rocky, we are here. Ashley is not your traditional mentor, she will you give you the truth in love because she truly believes in the power of accountability. In this program she will share some of her most powerful tools and lessons she used to transform her life. Her mess has turned into her message, and her hope is that you find Covenant Coaching incredibly helpful as you embark on your journey. 


We have a Closed Facebook group designed with you in mind. Head over to the Facebook group, request access and introduce yourself if you haven’t already done so.  Request Access >>


Please keep your username and password near for access to all the goodies, workbooks, monthly content, printables, and details on the monthly Live Q&A sessions. 


Your own personal development is one of the most important things in your life. This membership requires you to be interactive, ask questions and make friends. Commit to becoming the best you, you can be. Your Future self will LOVE you for it.


As a member of Covenant Coaching, you are granted access to monthly empowering content, a LIVE Q&A session, webinars with Ashley, Printable resources, monthly giveaways and more.

Each bundle is a tool to get your energy going, and thoughts wrapped around a specific topic. Our suggestion is that you begin with Bundle 1 and work your way up. We suggest that you set your calendar for the Live Q&A so you never miss the opportunity to get your questions answered, Q&A's occur on the last Tuesday of every month. 


Each month you will have access to a webinar with Ashley. These webinars are meant to give you the knowledge and insight you need to flourish. Ashley pours her heart out as she shares some of the most powerful lessons of her life. She touches on a wide array of topics and each month she comes with new, fresh empowering content. All of the virtual webinars with Ashley are archived for your benefit. Rewind, go back, reflect, and revisit the material as often as possible. If you have a specific topic that you would like Ashley to address, please submit the information {here}.


Each month you will be able to join the LIVE Q&A session with Ashley & Carrington. Here is where you bring your questions on dating, relationships or anything in general. If you are going through something specific that you need advice on, you can bring those questions as well. Ashley & Carrington are in your corner answering your pressing questions and challenging to take your learning & development to a deeper level. We encourage you to place any questions that you would like to have answered in our private question portal {here}

Q&A's are held on the LAST TUESDAY of each month via Facebook Live in the Covenant Coaching Group. If you miss a Q&A, don't worry you can always watch the playback via Facebook.


Every single month we will be having a giveaway where we will be giving away empowerment resources, books, date night gift cards, and a yearly wedding dress giveaway! To enter is easy! All you have to do is leave a comment in the Facebook group & be on the Live Q&A each month and you are automatically entered.


Connect with our other empowering dedicated members in our private Facebook community. You have full access to begin asking questions, offer advice or tips that have worked for you, celebrate your successes or let us know if you need additional motivation or direction. This is your go-to place for connecting with likeminded women!

Now that you know the gist of how this all works, venture off to explore the members club. This is such an exciting time for your personal growth and development. Many of our members and clients have felt an immeasurable since of relief, and empowerment since joining the club. Commit the the process by vowing to give 110% on this journey, and expect the absolute best.

28 Day Getting My Life Challenge

This challenge is an essential component of Covenant Coaching. It is imperative that you choose a date in which you will begin the challenge and track your results!  Get all the information on how to get started HERE:



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